We don’t just want a piece of cake, we want


an emancipatory, self-organised space for anything between neighbourhood meetings, discussion groups, collective food production and political activism.

The house in Josephstr. 12 is collectively organised and owned by nobody (or all). It was fundamentally renovated to host experimental private spaces for the commune in the upper storeys and the public spaces in the ground floor. The latter comprise the open coffee, a kitchen with a wood-fired oven for bread baking, two small seminar rooms, and the sport/movement/dancing room. What takes place here depends on the uses and is discussed at the users meetings every 3rd Sunday 4 pm.

What can you do here?

You can drop in with your Hartz-IV application to the self help group and discuss about trouble with the officials. You can also use the space to meet with your own initiative, host a discussion event, plan a movie screening, invite to a coffee table and chat about the rent in the quarter or the vages at your job, or exercise some dancing – name it, there is ample space for many more ideas.

There is no boss and no wealthy organisation. There neither is any cleaning staff or service desk. Every one using the rooms frequently meet to organise and to decide what and how to run the space. Collectively we take care about cleaning, reparation and coordination. Some also support the project with money to make the non-commercial space open to everybody for free.

Can you rent the rooms?

No and yes. No if you mean to pay something for utilising the rooms for a private event. But you are most welcome to use them to meet and discuss, do your homework in a group, to plan the emancipatory revolution, to host cooking classes, or to give a presentation. All this is free.

The best way to get in touch is to come to the users meeting every 3rd Sunday at 4 pm. Alternatively just ask inside or write an email and present your idea.

Instead of money we request your openness to the project as a whole and the other groups. It is a mutual process to support, challenge and lear from each other. Best if your initiative is open to others to join.

We are looking for users who are open to question their positions and actions, who take responsibility, and who actively struggle with the societal norms. Misanthropic ideologies (like racism, sexism, antisemitism, homophobia , transphobia, etc.) have no place here!

Why are we doing that?

We fight for a society with a good live for all. For that we join forces and organise our issues ourselves. For that we need spaces open to all, without any interest in monetary profit but with an anticipation of a self-determined, free and joyful life.

Contact:    Users meeting every 3rd Sunday 4 pm.
Or              Just drop in during the events and opening hours.
Or              email us at casablanca (at) riseup (dot) net